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The best reusable water bottle to travel light

The reason why I always carry a reusable water bottle with me all day (and night) long is very simple. Water is essential to your health, and a reusable water bottle is essential to the health of the environment!

Water: healthy for your body

Many health magazines promote the benefits of drinking water. It is good for the skin, the digestive system, the immune system, and even for the bones and joints!

And if you live in a hot country, it’s even more vital to always carry water with you!

The amount of water we should drink can differ according to various factors. It may depend on your body weight, the climate, and your activities. But generally, the bare minimum is 8 glasses a day.

Drink water without generating waste

I am also very conscious of my impact on the environment. Buying bottled water is a waste of resources, a waste of money. And in case you don’t know, it’s not as healthy as you might think!

Reduce Plastic Barcelona Beach
Reduce your plastic footprint

Plastic releases chemicals into your water that can have terrible long term effects on your health… If you don’t know about it, just google why plastic water bottles are bad. You will get a long list of reliable results that will probably convince you to find another solution!

Solutions to carry water

That’s why I carry a foldable BPA free bottle with me all day long.

I take it to go to work, to study, to go shopping, to go to the gym, or to any appointments I have in the city.

In big cities like Barcelona, you can spend a long time in the public transport. Even if you don’t care about single use plastics as much as I do, if you care for your money, it is also a great way to save on the very expensive bottles that can be bought in the city center!

We are also lucky to find drinkable water in the street or even on the beach of Barcelona. So it is easy to refill your reusable bottle. In my case, I know where I can find water fountains: at my bank, my work, my gym, even my physiotherapist. They all have filtered water so all I need to do is help myself and enjoy nice water!

Water fountain Beach Barcelona
Water fountain on the beach of Barcelona

I also love the fact that my reusable bottle is collapsible and that way I can only take the strict minimum with me until I reach the refilling point. That way I can travel light, because for me weight equals back pain!!

When you are travelling, you need to have a reusable water bottle, especially if like me you try to avoid single use plastics.

An eco-friendly option is to always have a water bottle to refill.

Bottle on the beach / Pixabay

Here are a few elements you should consider when you buy a reusable water bottle to travel:

  • weight: especially if you have back pain like me, you do everything to avoid weight!
  • size: it has to fit in your hand luggage or backpack
  • safety: it should not leak
  • adaptable: it should be easy to switch from cold to hot drinks
  • healthy: it should be free from bad chemicals found in plastics like BPA, and it should be easy to clean

And you, what do you use to carry water with you?

Are you also using a reusable water bottle in your day to day?

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